SpellForce Features

SpellForce offers a rich and lively Universe with plethora of Races, Story and Events looking to be explored. Over 40.000 Years of history, more than 100 known locations and much more wait for you to explore them! Dive into the world of Eo and experience an adventure of your choosing that you will never forget.

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The features of SpellForce Shadow of the Pheonix

The grim side of magic brings the mages of the Circle back to life. Like puppets, they serve the necromancer who had brought them from the realm of the dead using the essence of an ancient, enslaved, God. Only two dare to oppose him - formed slaves turned free, heroes of many legends and tales, masters of their own destiny.

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New 40h Campaign

Captivating campaign with over 40 hours of playtime across 13 new maps

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Discover Xu

10 new multiplayer and 15 new Co-op maps with quests and new adventures

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Face new dangers

Over a dozen new enemy types and end bosses

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Set-Items and new Armours

Over 150 new and partially modified items as well as 17 new set-items

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New Quests and story

The story continues the stories of “TOoD” and “BoW” and combines them in a furious finale!

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New Buildings and Units

Two new Units and buildings for each race! Perfect for developing new strategies.

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New skills up to Lvl 50

Your avatar can now reach level 50 and discover 40 new spells and skills along the way

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Coop quests for the Free-Game-Mode

Alone or with up to 3 friends, do battle through a campaign preceding the Shadow Wars