Dragons are ancient beings that rules over Eo thousands of years before the old races. Both out of Aonir's seed of life, they are primal forces of the old world whose ever-burning flame can split the countenance of entire landscapes.
They once lived in peace in their nests, high between the peaks of Godeland, the land of the old gods, until they rose up against the greedy Shapers and obliterated their Empire. For the next 40.000 years, they ensured unity on the still healing world, until the Humans, descendants of the Shapers, left their caves in the Windwall Mountains and drove the Dragons out of Fiara. Many of their Kin fell to the Dragon hunters, for their power was vast, however they could not resist the ingenuity and will of this new people. And so, the Humans managed what no Elf or Dwarf had done before them. The Dragons were defeated. Many of their brood retreated to Godeland where they still remain today, and with their defeat, a new Era had been ushered in – an era of progress and prosperity, but also war.
But some of the old lizards remained on Fiara. Hidden away in caves or between the peaks of high mountains, they settled down, awaiting the end of their time. There are stories among the races of these giants of the old world. Of terrifying creatures whose fiery breath could cull entire armies. And though the time of the Dragons ended over one thousand years ago, their role in this word is yet to be fulfilled. And should the need arise, they will, once again, take to the skies to aid the creatures of Eo.

Great Dragons
The Great Dragons represent the ancient forces of Eo. It was them, who once drove away the mighty Shapers. Their Flame contains traces of the Allfire and the swings of their wings change the countenance of the world. Only a few of them remain today, but should one encounter one of these mighty beasts, he will meet a fiery end.

The time of dragons is long gone. Only a few of the big lizards still exist today, living in obscurity or lying dormant until their time is come again. The lizards filling the air today are mere shadows of these big animals, with only a fraction of their minds and their majesty still remains. But the blood of the ancient dragons is still pulsing through their veins, and should these ever rise again, their spawn will rise to their call.

The Wyrm often stayed back to protect the nests, when the great Dragons took flight in swarms. Their spirit may be the weakest among the Drakes, and the fire burning inside their veins may not burn as strong as one of their siblings. Nonetheless, they always remain loyal to the ancient lizards. Even if their fiery breath is lacking, one should not underestimate the sharpness of their claws.

Crystal Dragon
Crystal Dragons float with the tides of Magic. Their bodies may be weaker than those of other drakes, but they make up for it with their sharp mind. They feed on tides of time, dreams, and magic, and can sense those from miles away. These fascinating creatures seem to be the brightest of their kind, for they do not mindlessly follow the great Dragons, but often carve their own path.

A blend of Dragon and Beast, this creature follows the call of the Shaikan and protects Malacay's descendants with its life. Its heavy body doesn’t allow it to take flight, but its claws and scorching fire are more than enough to tear entire armies to shreds.