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Goblin - Gitzo
Gitzo has always been an outsider. Even his fellow members of the Goblin clan of the Leatherfists felt eerie around him because his only joy at all times seemed to be murder. After finally being outcasted by his clan, he meandered around until he reached the Orc camp in Urgath, where he easily found a job as a torturer and assassin. The Orcs made good use of his insanity, and in due time he was regarded as an appreciated mercenary, who eliminated his victims with covetousness and quick, precise stabs of his dagger.

Orc - Gultark
Gultark was the leader of the Gultark-Orcs, until his clan was defeated by the elves of Winterguard. His wisdom made him famous among the Orc clans and many say he has a special bond with the ghosts of the swamps. For a long period of time he roamed through the country, traveled the seas and collected knowledge and items from around the world. And yet, it was one of these journeys that kept him away from home on that one decisive day: the day the marksmen of the elves of Winterguard depopulated his village. Days later he returned home to find his slain brothers laying between the empty cottages. Since that day, he roams lonesome and full of grief and enragement over his own actions through the valleys of Frostfall, aimless, seeking nothing but his own death.

Marksman of the Wind – Kyra
Kyra was one of the last to fall in Winterdeep, back when the elves and the dwarves led their armies against each other, in the last great battle of the ancient white folks. The battles raged for many weeks and slowly, the true goals of the war vanished in the distance, making space for hatred and revenge, which both armies relentlessly continued to pursue until not a single one of them was left alive. Even today you can see the ghosts of this battle wandering across the old battlefield, still dogged in that one war the living have long forgotten. Kyra guarded over the elf commander and shot each and every dwarf that tempted to approach her. And yet, fate took its pay, fatigue lamed her hand after the many weeks in battle and in one dark and decisive moment, her arrow was not quick enough. It did hit the commander of the dwarves, however, his axe had already slit her beloved Mistress’s string of life. Since this hour, Kyra's ghost has been roaming through Winterdeep, forever trapped in the hopeless attempt to save her dead Mistress after all.

Iron Soldier
The Iron Ones were created by Hokan Ashir for the Convocation War. Their bodies are fashioned from black iron, and they bear glowing soul stones in their breasts, filling them with unholy life. Combat is their sole purpose in life, and they know neither mercy nor pity. The Fall of the Soul Smith robbed them of their power and left their armies to crumble into wide fields of dark iron that slowly sank into the mud of Urgath. But who knows what kind of unholy magic might bring them back to the light of day... The soldier is the Iron Ones' basic combat unit. His weapon of choice is the scythe-like blade on his right arm. Three souls give life to these creatures that once used to pour from the Obsidian Mountain to Fiara in endless hordes.

Iron Blade Weaver
The Blade Weavers make up the elite of the Iron Ones. Brought to life by six souls in their breasts, these creatures cut through the rows of enemy armies like reapers cutting through ripe grain.

Iron Principal
Only the purest of elven souls bring these leaders of the iron armies to life. The Principal is the Iron Ones' master and commander, possessing great tactical skill and, in close combat, an impressive destructive power.

Dark Elf – Shar Arduin
Shar is one of the best fighters of the Sinistra-Caste in the Blazing City. During his days of popularity, he served as a designated fighter for the Elyn Muin, the ritual battle representing the judgment of god. Whenever the judgment of Nor was necessary in a caste-dispute, Shar Arduin would stand in the circle of drums for the Sinistra. Until the day his downfall was sealed - in the form of poison and switched weapons. The battle was decided against him. He did prevail, despite all resistances, but the web of intrigue did not release him until finally, stigmatized as a traitor, he was thrown in the dungeons of the Blazing City. Since that day he has lost all faith and loyalty, while he seeks resort in bleak derision.

Glamrig the Dwarf
Glamrig is a rock former of the Windholme dwarves, an old warrior who fought in the war of six nations and the old human wars. His hand to hand acumen is only exceeded by his skills with the axe, which he has swung on many battlefields. Even Isgrimm, the mightiest rock former, member of the circle and the builder of Mulandir was envious of his abilities. As the more morbid motives of the Circle became known, Glamrig turned against Isgrimm and trapped the betrayer of knowledge of the dwarves at his tower near Windholme. The dwarves fought each other for two days until Isgrimm slew Glamrig. In revenge he forged his soul to a Rune, so that his former enemy would now serve as his protection, as well as to mock him.

Ump the Troll
It is by no means true that only humans were chosen to be the slaves of the Rune, they just made up the largest number. Ump is one of the first trolls who was forged to the Runes. His spirit scarcely tries to understand how Runes work, but he understands that he will continue to rise in order to crush any one of his enemies. He will patiently follow his victim and keep returning until the last one is slain and this is why he seldom sees the need to hurry. In a murderous frenzy, he is overcome with the will to destroy - just like all trolls, but his long life has made him calmer and more cooperative than most of his kind.

Xyallah – Medusa Guard
The Medusas originate from the lost islands in the timeless sea East of Xu. They called to the mortals from their stone temples with magic allurements and attracted many an envious seaman to their shores. Today these envious ones decorate the halls as silent statues of flesh turned to stone. The magician Shar learned to restrain the power of the Medusas and forced them to carry out his will during a period of long and dangerous research. This knowledge made him the most powerful magician of the island and earned him a seat in the circle. From then on the Medusas guarded the towns and towers of the circle magicians with their power over stone. As the convocation war raged and the armies of the Runes pressed on over the battlefields, Shar tried his last and most dangerous spell. He bound the essence of his guard Xyallah to a Rune stone and thus turned her into an immortal servant. But the other Medusas were so upset at this outrage that they renounced their oath and left the magician behind without protection. He thus fell victim to his enemy Undergast.

Lich King Anktahr
The Lich are undead rulers, captains amongst the gray hordes, dead spirits of great magicians and kings. Anktahr was one of the seven rulers of the Zerbites, from which Hokan Ashir stole the secret of the bone temple at that time. The great Necromancer himself defeated Anktahr and forged his trapped spirit to a Rune. Anktahr was able to retain the mastery of mental magic which he attained during his lifetime at least in part its unholy existence. Hokan had summoned him again as one of the best Rune servants in order to destroy the human Rune warriors once and for all.