SpellForce Features

SpellForce offers a rich and lively Universe with plethora of Races, Story and Events looking to be explored. Over 40.000 Years of history, more than 100 known locations and much more wait for you to explore them! Dive into the world of Eo and experience an adventure of your choosing that you will never forget.

Choose your Adventure:

The features of SpellForce Breath of the Winter

The Price of Darkness is scheming to bring the Renegade Gods back to Eo. He awakens the mighty ice dragon Aryn and sends out his burning legions onto the Races of Eo. The Rune is called once more to face the forces of fire and ice. The fight between good and evil rekindles anew...

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40-hour campaign

Comprehensive campaign with over 40 hours of story in a new region of Eo

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Epic boss-battles

Face enemies like you’ve never seen before

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Blades under your command

Command the infamous blades as your allies

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New enemies and threats

Many impressive new monsters like Werewolves, Treewraiths, as well as spectacular End-game foes.

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New Heroes

For the first time, summon heroes of the Orcs, Elves, Dark Elves, Goblins and Blades

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Meet the Winterguard

Your new adventures will take you to the Winterguard. Ice Elves hailing from the high mountains of Fiara.

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New Spells

Numerous new, powerful spells and more than 150 new items and item-sets with powerful boons!

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Free-Game-Mode with Coop Function

The new “Free-Game-Mode” allows for single- or multiplayer action via LAN and Internet (up to three players) against ever-changing enemies. Fight your way together through the dark swamps of Urgath, all the way to the icy north of Fiara.